Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mom. Work. Mom. Sleep. Mom. Work. Mom. Sleep.

Balance.  Sometimes life pulls you in all directions all at once, and you need to take a moment to find some balance.  Throughout my life - as a student, a business owner, as a lawyer, and now as a wife and as a mom, finding balance can be a struggle.  Sometimes it is hard, and sometimes it means letting things go if only for a short time.

Yes, this is where I explain my lack of blogging for an entire week.

Work has been consuming me lately. It has been consuming me to the point where my days have involved nothing more than going to work and collapsing into a heap of exhaustion at night.  Everything becomes a blur; a tired, worn out blur.  Days run into one another to the point where I only know the day of the week because I have a calendar on my desk.  That's not a complaint about work - I love my work, and I love doing my best, working hard and seeing months of planning and effort coming together. It just how things are right now.  I've had to rely on Dan even more as I've gone in early, stayed late and put in time on the weekends. Dan has risen to the occasion as he always does, but I can tell he needs a break, too. He slept in until 1p.m. today - almost unheard of, but oh so necessary sometimes. And it isn't over - not yet. There's still plenty of work to do.

Add into the mix a little boy who isn't feeling well, and guys?  I'm beat.

I had to find some balance somewhere. The house isn't bad, but it could be cleaner. I'm behind about 2 loads of laundry. And I haven't written a blog in seven days. Blogging, something that comes so easily to me, had to fall to the side for a little while.  Something had to give. Life happens.  I've got no excuse for it.  But things are balancing out again.  You'll see a Monkey Butt Junction Wordless Wednesday this week, along with the usual assortment of rants and randoms.

Mostly though, I bet you'll forgive me if I include a cute picture of Jack in this post.

Yeah, that worked, didn't it?

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