Monday, September 13, 2010

A PSA from the Monkeybutt Dad

Apparently my husband isn't a fan of my choice of diaper wipes. What can I say - I'm a big fan of a sale. He wrote up this little PSA about Parent's Choice baby wipes.

What follows is a graphic tale of adventures in baby changing.  I don't suggest reading it if you are eating pizza tonight.

A POX on Parent's Choice Baby Wipes

I'm pretty certain that I change more diapers in this house then Jen so I can share just how I feel about Parent Choice Baby Wipes.

They are the worst example of a wet wipe out there, especially when you have a bare baby butt that resembles the inside top of a dropped pizza box. Just try to grab one of these super glued together, crappy, stupid waste of towel while attempting to hold a squirming baby - a baby that resembles a greased pig at the State Fair - and out of the waste of plastic box comes darn near every single wipe as they are completely caked together. So here I am, shaking this wet mass of wipes to hopefully break one loose, as my son attempts to do Olympic tumbling. I can barely hold onto his one leg for fear of spreading baby poo from my fingers to the changing table to the wall, ceiling, floor, clean clothes and everything else it can be flung onto.

Personally, after a mass failing of getting a wipe out, and fingers baptized in Jack joy, and poo everywhere that it wasn't just moments before, I close my eyes and imagine a conference room full of Parent's Choice bigwigs having a mass and sudden attack of Montezuma's Revenge so they can see just how crappy their product is.

If you would like to validate my rantings then head to Target and pic a pack up! I'll gladly let you attempt to change Jack.



Mommy2two said...

My Jack does the same thing while changing him! Hands down the diaper (only when he's pooped) and then he becomes the world's smallest contortionist while I'm trying to wipe his bum.

Just so you know, PC is Walmart brand. The Target brand are good :)

Jenn said...

I like that - world's smallest contortionist. Things just haven't been the same since Jack learned how to roll over. Now when we change him he loves to roll over and stick his little nude butt in the air. Hilarious, but makes him so hard to change!

The mad woman behind the blog said...

Amen Dad! I've had the same problem w/ that product. I usually use Costco's brand...only slightly better.

Good luck!

Captain Cleavage said...

but...but...they are made with organic cotton?!?!?!


I dislike PC brand for the same reasons lol