Thursday, November 11, 2010

More reasons that Jack will grow to hate mommy.

Exhibit A: The headband.

Before child protective services gets called, please know that we don't take him out of the house in my sparkly teal Richard Simmons headband. It was purely for fun at the house. But he sure does look happy in it...perhaps there are some legwarmers in his future?  (Hey, if my son wants to be a rich, famous, and ridiculously sweet workout guru someday, I won't be holding him back).

Jack, you look fabulous honey.  Embrace it!

Exhibit B: The elf outfit.

That's right.  The holidays are coming, and little man needed an outfit for the occasion.  Friends and family, you will be seeing this gracing our holiday cards this year no doubt.  Hee.

It really is a darling outfit.  If Awkward Family Photos still exists twenty years from now, expect to see Jack's photo there. 



Francine said...

I love everything about this post!

{Erin} said...

Oh my goodness...that outfit is ADORABLE!!

...also? Thanks for the idea! My little man should be an elf too. :D

Hanna said...

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