Tuesday, October 5, 2010

If you're happy and you know it, say "Da Da!"

Jack has officially mastered two "words": Dada and Mama. Or, more realistically, dadadadadadadadada and mamamamammmmmamama. In Jack's world, each word has its own meaning, which we are just starting to fully grasp.

Dada: Dada can mean many things, but it is overall the sound of contentedness.  As in, I'm such a happy baby, I'm warm and safe and secure, and playing, and gosh darnit I'm so tootin' cute. Dadadadadadadada.

Mama:  Mama has its own meaning as well, and it connotes a time of great sorrow and want.  As in, I'm cold and my diaper is full and I'm kind of hungry and my toes are cold because I lost a sock and the parrot just scared me and you just took away that sharp object I just found to play with and I'm tired but I certainly don't want to nap, woe is the baby.  Mamamamamamamamamama.

So, as Dan is quite quick to point out:  Dada = utter happiness.  Mama = infinite sorrow.

Jack wearing his Dada's hat.
Oh well.  My heart still turns into a puddle at that little voice, no matter what he's saying about me.



Jodi said...

So true! Your son is adorable!
I am your newest follower from Bloggy Moms. Love the name of your website, since my to my embarrassment - it is actually a term of endearment for my husband and I! <3


Eschelle said...

I love your translation its brilliant!