Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My wordiest Wednesday yet

It is our nature to want to explain away bad things, to say that "everything happens for a reason" and to think that good people have good things happen to them, and bad people suffer tragedies.

Maybe one of the most basic human fears is that none of that is true; that there is no fairness, no settling out of the good and the bad. That sometimes bad things happen to great people for no apparent reason, and that sometimes lightning does strike twice.

One of the most sweet, amazing, caring, wonderful women I've ever had the pleasure of meeting online is pregnant with a little baby boy. It is her second child - her first, a daughter, was born too soon last year and did not survive. It was a tragedy that no one should endure, but she endured it with grace and strength unlike any I had ever seen. And when we learned she was expecting again, it was such a celebratory event. She'd finally have a sweet, healthy baby in her arms.

After a pretty uneventful start to her pregnancy, she got some bad news and she is now on bedrest indefinitely.  She is only 22 weeks along at this time - it is much too early for her baby to be born.  When her online community of friends heard about this development we were in despair; we behaved as though the worst had happened. We cried, we bargained, and we asked why?  A cooler head prevailed and told us all to put our game faces on, to pray hard, and to send as many positive thoughts and words as we could to our beloved friend and her precious son.

We rallied. We put on our game faces. And we are praying hard for our dear friend.

Of course, since this is sort of a Wordless Wednesday blog entry, you expect photos.

Hang in there, TW and Baby M. 



~Jess said...

And now I have tears. TW, we all have our game faces on for you babe!

Ace1599 said...

Great post, I am going to try for a copy cat this weekend. GAME FACES!

Susan said...

That was beautiful. Thank you!