Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cloth for the Coast

There is a time and place in this world for assigning blame and assessing accountability. When faced with a huge problem, a problem bigger than any one person or one group or one political party - when faced with a disaster - it is often far more wise to first put all of that aside to focus on a solution.

The creator of FuzziBunz cloth diapers has founded the Cloth for the Coast effort aimed at collecting used cloth diapers, burp rags and baby blankets for wildlife rescue and cleanup.  Mother of Eden, LLC, the makers of FuzziBunz, is located in Louisiana, so the effects of the oil spill disaster certainly hit close to home.

Do you have items you can donate?

Cloth for the Coast has a Facebook page set up which is updated regularly with details about the program.

Or, simply send donations of used cloth diapers, baby blankets, towels, burp cloths to:

FuzziBunz Diapers
315 Weeks St
New Iberia, LA 70560

Donated diapers must be free of snaps, elastic and velcro (basically, prefolds and inserts will be used in the cleanup effort).  However, if you send diapers with snaps, elastic or velcro the Cloth for the Coast volunteers will sort them out and forward them to a shelter that accepts cloth diaper donations.  

What a great way to repurpose old cloth items, and what a great excuse to clean out your diaper and rag stash.  Please consider taking some time this week to send a few items to Cloth for the Coast - every little bit helps.



Captain Cleavage said...

I love this! living in florida I am so upset by this disaster.

I love the thought of my old clothies and blankets being reused for such a great cause!

Jenn said...

I like that idea too. I can't imagine what it must be like to see that happening right on your own beautiful beaches. It has to be really heart wrenching. I haven't been to Florida in many years, but it is so beautiful there.