Friday, June 18, 2010

Things My Husband Wants for Father's Day

Things that, according to my Google search, my husband wants for Father's Day

1.  Underwear
2.  Sports Illustrated
3.  Socks
4.  Witty Dad-Themed Coffee Mug
5.  A Tie

Things my husband really wants for Father's Day

1.  Sleep
2.  Steak
3.  A new gun
4.  A chainsaw
5.  Cigars
6.  A big, dangerous looking knife
7.  Sleep

What my Husband is Getting for Father's Day

1.  Grill
2.  Shop vac

Things that my husband would love for Father's Day but I didn't discover until this morning

1.  Beer Holster
2.  Whiskey Stones
3.  Magnetic Tool Belt
4.  Chuck Norris Shirt
5.  Tabletop Beer Tap

Maybe next year, my dear.


Captain Cleavage said...

big dangerous knife

If I didn't know anybetter I would say you were married to leather face...

My dad is a hunter...

So I understand lol

Francine said...

A beer holster.....classic!

Elaine said...

The beer holster is so cool!