Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I wrote my son a love letter today

Jack and I have created a wonderful morning ritual that makes waking up before five a little less painful. As he starts to stir in those early hours I pick myself up out of bed and sneak into his room. I peek into his little crib and say "good morning, Pumpkin" and watch a little gummy smile spread across his face. I pick him up and snuggle him for a bit, and then change him and get him dressed for the day.

This morning I dressed him in a sweet striped jumper that he is rapidly outgrowing. The jumper has a hood and a big front pocket. I always wonder why a baby would need a pocket, but this morning I found a use for it.

I wrote Jack a love letter and tucked it away in his pocket. I poured my heart out in three lines of text in red ink, folded it neatly and wrote his name on it, and put it in his pocket. I know he'll never see it - in fact, I'll probably forget about it and end up washing it with his outfit. But it made my heart smile.

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