Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Infantino Recall - Baby Slings

I am a babywearing mama, and I'm proud of it.

I can hear the disapproving *tsks* already: Didn't you hear? Baby carriers are death traps! The Today Show told me so!

I own a Slingrider. We bought it at Target before Jack was born. It was one of the few relatively inexpensive baby carriers available in the big box stores. I wanted a Moby Wrap, but I found absolutely no stores in my area that carry it. I assumed the Slingrider was "good enough," we bought it.

I used it twice. The first time was only for a few minutes before Jack got fussy. The second time, my husband took one look at it and said "that isn't safe. How can you be sure he can breathe?"

He was absolutely right. Jack's sweet little face could easily be covered with the fabric if he turned his head even the slightest. The Slingrider has hung in the closet since then.

In the past few weeks some news reports have come out exposing the suffocation deaths of three infants whose parents were using the Slingrider. My heart aches for them. Despite the news, I still saw the Slingrider for sale at Target as recently as one week ago.

Infantino has now decided to do the right thing and is issuing a recall of the Slingrider and their Wendy Bellissimo Sling. They will pay the cost of shipping the sling back to Infantino, and they provide you with a new item: either a shopping cart cover or a Wrap & Tie front/back carrier.

To learn about the recall, visit Infantino's website:

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