Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Wake-up Story

I blog first and foremost because I love to write, but that doesn't mean that I'm never at a loss for words.  I can't always adequately explain why I do what I do - the canning, the homemade baby food, the cloth diapers.  It is a lot of work, and I'm not a gal that has a lot of leisure time to begin with.  But those things are so very, very important to me, to my family, for reasons that I'm not always that articulate about.

Fortunately, I don't always have to do the talking.

Watch this video.

If you are impressed by what you see there, do visit their website at and learn more about this organization. Their Facebook page is particularly impressive, with readers sharing their ideas and knowledge.  If you've been sensing a theme in my recent posts, I assure you that between the fake blueberries, the other-than-meat taco meat and the antibiotic-ridden honey, I'm really finding more and more reasons to be concerned about what we put in and around our bodies, and I when I can find such a goldmine of ideas and alternatives I'm glad to share them.


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