Thursday, August 26, 2010

I am unhip. GAP Fail.

Apparently I'm a sucker for a sale. Last week when the website announced a $50.00 gift card for The Gap for just $25.00, I fell all over myself to take advantage of it, even though it took for-ev-er because apparently half of the population of this great nation wanted in on the Gap deal.  Everyone loves The Gap, right?

So today, $50.00 coupon in hand, I went to The Gap, planning on coming out with at least a nice pair of pants for work, or a cute sweater,

Also apparently, I've never been to The Gap before. Yes, I am American. I live in a major metropolitan area. I am female. I've even been to college. But I've never, ever set foot in The Gap until today. I realize this now because when I got there I realized that there was nothing in that store I'd wear. I'm not a jeans girl. I'm not a t-shirt girl. I don't buy $90.00 sweaters, nor do I wear sweatshirts. And as those items cover exactly 100% of the inventory at The Gap, there's just nothing there I could use.

I bought The Gap Groupon deal because I couldn't resist a bargain.

Fortunately, next to The Gap I found Baby Gap.  And, as he always does, Jack scored big time.  After applying my gift card, $7.90 bought Jack:

Plus little black boots.  Plus a little Halloween shirt with a long-sleeved onesie that goes underneath it.  Plus a leather belt.

Little man will be well dressed.  I hope he's not too embarrassed to be seen with his totally unhip mom.


Paasch E said...

It's alright, we can be unhip together. I've never been in a GAP either.

Amie said...

But Jenn you always look put together and cute.