Friday, July 30, 2010

Not a mom car kind of gal.

It is car shopping time for me. Geico has provided me with a check for my totaled Mustang, so the time has come to try to find a replacement for my beloved car.

At the outset, realize two things:  1) I hate car shopping, and 2)  My Mustang is about as replaceable as my husband.  As in, I could - technically there are other models out there - but I'd rather stab myself in the face with an icepick than go through all the rigamarole associated with finding a new one.  (Yes, honey, that means I love you.  I love you at least as much as I loved the Mustang - and that's a LOT!).

When I bought the Mustang, I was single and without a care in the world about things like front wheel drive or backseats suitable for a baby seat or passenger comfort or staying dry during rainstorms.  That car was for me.  Things have obviously changed now, so it would be completely irresponsible to get a "just for me" car.  I could - we do have our Jeep Patriot, which makes a fantastic family car - but I'm going to do the reasonable thing and get a car the whole family can enjoy.  But I still want it to be fun.  I know I won't find my dream car - I hate to be melodramatic, but really, my dream car was what got totaled in the flood last week.  Right now I'm focused on finding that perfect mix of awesome-yet-useful, cool-yet-kid friendly.

So far, it ain't happening.  I spy a marketing niche here.  Detroit, are you listening?  (Er, Detroit?  Is anyone even there anymore?)

Let me use some photos to illustrate the problem.

What I really want:

This is a 1959 Ford Galaxie in Indian Turquoise.  Beautiful car, but terrible idea for me.  Setting aside the face that I don't know a damn thing about cars, making a high-maintenance classic a bad, bad, bad idea, I'm pretty sure that the world didn't give a lick about safety issues back in those days, which means this isn't a great choice for driving around with Jack. Le sigh.

I also really want:

That's a Lamborghini something or other (see?  I'm not good at cars.  I just know what looks pretty).  Somehow though Geico failed to give me $200,000.00 for my totaled Mustang - incredible, I know - so I need to stick to a budget. Also, after what happened to the Mustang, driving a car that's worth more than my house would make me reaaaaaaaly nervous.  I'm not sure you could clear a puddle with this car.

And finally, what I really, really want:

It doesn't even need to have time-travel capabilities, although that would be nice.  But beggars can't be choosers.  I have wanted a DeLorean pretty much my entire life and I'm still convinced that someday, somehow, I will have one.  I envision myself with my Z. Cavaricci jeans and Members Only jacket, cruising in my gull-winged beauty.  I'll think I'm totally awesome.  And I'll be totally wrong about that.

So those are what I want.  Sadly, what my budget and mom car safety issues dictate looks more like this:

Yes, this is a Toyota Camry.  Did you fall asleep looking at that photo?  I know I did.  When I Googled "Camry" to find a photo of one, I saw a picture with a sexy girl posing by a Camry, and all I could think was "why?"  A frumpy woman with two kids, mom jeans and a PTA bumper sticker seems more appropriate.

I'm certain I just offended all my Camry-driving readers.

So, you see my dilemma.  I'm convinced that there's no such thing as a muscle car for moms.  Or a family sports car.  Or a kid-friendly hot rod.  There's totally a market for that type of car - I can't be the only one, right?  Maybe the automotive industry would be in better shape if they listened to me.

Ford?  GM?  Call me.  I have ideas.  In the meantime, I'll be pining for my DeLorean while test driving Chryslers.



CrunchyVTMommy said...

I think you should design something mom awesome.
Im uncreative but I adore SUVs. I know they are horrible but I just love the convenience SO much.

akalutts said...

LOL, you must have found the pic of me next to my Camry :P
I love the choice you made, btw. Looking forward to pics and a story.

Lilo said...

Crunchy, the Saturn Vue is an SUV but its gas mileage is great and it is not as muscley or juiced up as other SUVs. :) PLUS they are comfy and roomy. Jen, for the DeLorean, you can only get it if you get the Back to the Future dog in it too. :) K? Good. (now go return that PT CRUISER!)

Annie Y said...

There is a Delorean for sale in Green Bay for a small $30,000.