Thursday, July 8, 2010

Camping with baby: part deux

Even though our previous attempt at camping with the baby was derailed at the last minute, the KOA Campground was kind enough to simply switch our reservation, without penalty because of the circumstances.  Now that camping weekend is upon us, I've been making lists of what we need.

Good lord, how is it that a baby requires so much stuff?  He's not that big.

We got a taste of this excess over the weekend when we stuffed our Jeep to the gills for a simple overnight in Lake Geneva.  Between a Pack-n-Play, two strollers (yes, two. Baby likes variety), a baby carrier, the Baby Bjorn, suitcases for each of us, and the giant carseat that seems to take up three quarters of the car's backseat, there was hardly room for anything else. 

Clearly, for this weekend we'll need to defy physics by fitting even more into the Patriot.  Never has my vehicle seemed to tiny.  In addition to all of the above, we need to bring our camp stove, the Big Red Camping Box (the huge tub that houses all of our camping utensils, towels, firestarters, dry goods, etc.), sleeping bags, pillows, and oh god what else am I forgetting?

Did I mention that we don't even need our tent this time?  We're renting a Kabin. (Yes, I realize that isn't technically camping.  The Kabin even has AC.  But we're baby-camping n00bs, and we have to start somewhere).

I have no idea how this is all going to fit.  Maybe we'll need to leave something behind.  Like my husband.*

If we manage to pull this off, I'll post some pictures because clearly we will have broken a few laws of physics.

*Just kidding, honey.  I know you read the blog now.  *kisses*



Lilo said...

I do recall you getting a basket on top of your jeep for such a weekend. Plus you should leave a stroller behind, and maybe even is Bjorn. Baby should learn to skimp it for camping trips. :) Good luck! Have lots of fun! We will be there in spirit.

Captain Cleavage said...

LOL D and I went camping at Fort Wilderness...which is disney's campground. which is soooo not real camping!

I can't belive how much stuff we have to take for her...even when it's just over night!!!

perrw83 said...

Well, I'd have thought your Mr. would know how to pack, having been one of Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. But, being n00bs, I can see how everything must have looked critical.

Now that you actually have one trip under your belt ( or bodice ) ask your self : what did we actually use?

Look at what you packed, and what you used, and cut out the unused.

Pack the items used for the next trip,pack half the clothes , half again the food for the young'un, and half the toys.

Alternatively, you buy a cargo trailer ( see my posts on your FB page ) AND a cartop carrier, so you have somewhere to stash the spares.

Figure coolers for food for breakfast and dinner, they take up the most space. Make up lists, set it all on the dining room table, and leave anything that falls off the table...