Thursday, July 22, 2010

Anyone for a Haiku?

I hope so because this morning is way too busy for a full and fabulous blog post, although I've got a great article on thoughtful baby gifts which is in the works and should go live before the end of the week.

For now though I'm going to follow the lead of some of my favorite fellow bloggers, Kit at Blogging Dangerously and Sulfa, who wrote a very poignant post today, and tell you what is keeping me so darn busy right now, in the form of haiku:

Camping with baby
Oh, dear Jesus, so much gear!
I need a sherpa.

Comments in the form of  haiku will get gold stars on their report cards.  5-7-5, folks!



sulfababy said...

Support from blog friends
Monkey Butt Jenn included
Keeps me somewhat sane

:) Tee hee, that's fun. Your blog is great and your kid is really freaking cute!

Abi (aka Liloirl) said...

Cannot wait to camp
Jack will hopefully be good
And Dan will be too.


Annie Y said...

I'm just to damn lazy
I can't get any housework done
Pour me another drink.

(That's the first Haiku I've written since high school)