Saturday, June 5, 2010

Reliving my childhood, one book at a time.

Jack and I did something absolutely wonderful last Saturday. We got a library card.

I will be the first to admit that, in the past, libraries have been a source of trouble for me. Without going in to much detail, the City Attorney became involved and the ordeal cost me about $120.00. But I have turned over a new leaf, and I wield my new library card proudly.

The youth section of the library was an absolutely wonderful walk down memory lane. Richard Scarry, Dr. Seuss, Sweet Pickles - so many wonderful memories flooded back to me as I browsed the aisles. I chose three of my favorite memories, including And to Think that I Saw it On Mulberry Street. Jack hung on my every word as I read him the sing-song prose of Dr. Seuss, and by the time I turned the final page I was ready to start it all over again. It was a wonderful, wonderful thing.

I hope that Jack grows to love books as much as I did and do.

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