Saturday, June 12, 2010

Jeans Diapers...

Really, Huggies?

Jeans diapers?  Really?!?

I checked:  The Onion didn't make these up.  They are real.

Dear Moms of the World:

I won't judge you if you have never breastfed your child.  I'm sure your reasons for formula feeding were right for you.

I won't judge you if you dress your child in a ridiculously lewd onesie that says something like "mommy just wanted a blow job" or some other phrase that you never, ever want that same child to repeat.

I won't judge you if you shun cloth diapers and favor disposables for their "convenience."  I probably won't even mention the landfills, the chemicals, or the general health of our planet. Probably.

But if I see you put a pair of Huggies blue jeans diapers on your child, I will judge you so hard. 

Love and kissses,


1 comment:

Captain Cleavage said...

lol...I agree. I can think of about 1oo diffrent things huggies could have done (hello...special edition bio-degradable diapers!)

that being said...If I ever found a diaper cover or AIO that was supposed to look like jeans...I would be all over it!

btw...clothies came in...and I looove them thus far!