Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Son has Pink Things

My husband has made it clear that our son will grow up to be a manly man. He has visions of little Jack the lumberjack, chopping logs by age 3 and wearing Old Spice to Kindergarten. I'd never put my little man in a dress, but I also don't believe that baby boys need to wear blue every day until high school. A few little pink details have slipped in over the months.

Jack has a pink swing. I didn't realize the importance of a baby swing until Jack was four days old and I was exhausted from holding and rocking him around the clock. In my sleep-deprived stupor, I drove myself to Target to get him a swing. I knew that beggars couldn't be choosers, but sadly their selection left a lot to be desired, ranging from completely hideous to ridiculously pricey, except for one lovely little Boppy swing. It had all the features we wanted: variable swing speeds and music, and it was just the right size. was pink. With pink plush animals hanging from it. And a beautiful band of pink across the top. While more rested minds may have done differently, Mommy was tired so Jack has a pink swing.

Jack has one pink diaper. We cloth diaper part time (he's in disposables for overnights and for travel) and I purchased most of his diapers in lots of 3 or more. One of those lots contained a mix of colors, including one lovely pink diaper. He wears the pink one occasionally, usually when my patience is wearing thin. "You want to cry, honey? Fine. Cry in a pink diaper." These things keep me sane.

Jack has a pink Boppy pillow. My frugality was flaring when this happened. I saw a Boppy pillow on sale for a great price. Sorry, baby. Mommy's a cheapskate.

If Daddy ever gets more than 4 hours of sleep in a night again, he may notice all of this pink that has slipped into his manly son's life. For now though, Jack and his precious pink things are safe.

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